Types of New Homes

There are several options in El Paso new homes for what type of home you buy. See which option best fits your needs.

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Types of New Homes

There are several different types of new homes available to you. The type you choose depends on many different factors, such as price, location, and the amount of time you are willing to wait to move in to your new home.

Tract Homes

El Paso's New Homes Tract HomeSeveral plans to choose from in specific subdivisions, with different elevations. Some upgrades available at additional cost. Upgrades typically paid for upfront.









El Paso's New Homes Semi CustomSet plans which allow for some changes, such as room sizes and stair locations. Prices are somewhat lower than custom homes due to the limited changes available.







Custom Homes

El Paso's New Homes Custom HomesCustom homes can be designed just for you from the ground up. From your ideas or in collabaration with an architect to design the plan, you have control of rooms, ammenities, fixtures...the works. Typically, more expensive due to the individualized work done.







Spec Homes

El Paso's New Homes Spec HomesSpec Homes are homes that are built without having a specific buyer in mind, and then put on the market. Because they need to appeal to a wider variety of buyers, designs, finishes and appliances tend to be a little more generic than custom built homes. However, since they are already built they have great appeal to buyers that need a place to live sooner, rather than later.







Town Homes

El Paso's New Homes Town HomeA townhouse is one of a row of homes sharing common walls. Unlike condominum, ownership of a townhouse DOES include individual ownership of the land. There may also be some common elements such as a courtyard.









El Paso's New Homes CondosCondominuims can take many forms. They can look like apartment buildings, townhouses, duplexes, even single family homes. The benfit of condos is sharing resources. You have total ownership of your condo unit, but share the land with all the other unit owners. There is a fee that is paid monthly to maintain the common areas, and those fees vary greatly depending on everything that is included. Condos can be a good choice for those that don't want to deal with the yard, etc...